Even beginnings end something

Have you ever met a NON edible human before? NO!? Well, let me tell you, I am the one and the only as such that I’ve seen so far. Frankly, I’m sure that if you ate me, I’d be bitter, repulsive, and tough. The sort of meat on a beast you’d seen lying dead on the street for a few weeks. I must say, I find myself curious as to how any think that such as I do not exist. Let me tell you, the thought of being eaten… **DIES**

It’s a horrid, grimace worthy ponder. So, I tend to make it clear I was never intended to be eaten. Seasonings or not, gosh darn it. I am Menu-free.


So. Today, I was suffering from a terrible heart sickness in the form of left over heartbreak from losing a USB with over 400pages of written literature on it, all my own. Because of this. I decided to post a continuous stream of blogging horror story. So. In short advance, the first will be titled “Tasteless with BBQ Sauce.”


2 Responses to “Even beginnings end something”

  1. And that is because you are the real Tatsy, live in fear <3. Damn shame about the 400 pages, but hopefully you will make up for it in our one year story extragavanza…which is GOING to happen, by the way!

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