Calling all Customers to Aisle 4

Warnings: Zombies, Cannibalism, Boringness

Me and the moon have become fast friends, staying up together all hours of the day. Lending solace and comfort throughout the darkest part of the day, yet I’ve come to understand it as being female. For, every few weeks or so, it disappears for quite a few days, having its own time of the month of sorts. Those few days without it are unquestionably the longest for without its soft glow to illuminate my mind at night I find myself utterly lost.

The streets are empty, having long been deserted by all human survivors. They weren’t too keen on the idea of being someone’s meal and had found ways to mask their stench from being uncovered and hunted. In fact, I’d tracked a male’s scent for over a week as he evaded me by covering his tracks with liquid soap, bleach, vinegar, and then a mad attempt with tomato sauce. Blecgh. All of those items were smell maskers; the tomato sauce was a cruel trick. Looks like blood, taste like horse decrement.

Night so colorless, no dazzling life in any form. Squatting down I peered underneath the car. A small mouse’s skeletal remains were a telling sign of the lack of vitality. Sighing, I stood again. My fellow friend had been stupid in his movements. Overcome by his Green side he’d lost control of his bit of sanity and went careening after the SS and was hacked to pieces and burnt in a round pit. A subtle shudder worked its way over me. It was a message that stuck well in my brain. The SS was off limits.

Ah well. Standing upright, my bones seemed to creak and groan in each their joints. The green had spread from my hands to my arms, starting to creep down my torso. It was time to find someone to eat.

It took me three days but finally I’d tracked the man down, his smell aggravated my nostrils to the point where all I wanted was to go tearing after him. He was wily, knowing exactly how to keep me at bay. Still, I was persistent, determined, and not easily swayed from prey.

I knew he was trying to reach the SS before I got to him, but while he may be smart, he wasn’t just smart enough. He had yet to realize he was being herded in the direction I wanted him to go. Poor bugger, my next meal.

My molars ached, my gums frothed, sending their foaming spittle down my blackened, green face. Finally, oh sweet finality, he never saw me coming.

The eyes were exquisite; how they brightened and then the very essence of their being, the very soul of vitality, bled away as the hand of death wrenched away their existence. The broken neck left his head in a perfect position for me to watch the quintessence pneuma fade right through his eyes. It was almost as sweet as his body would be. Human’s were their most grotesque and yet were paradisiacal to me.

Throwing the body easily over my shoulder, I stole away to my home where I would be safe to eat my meal without fear of being fought for it. It wasn’t a bad journey, though the man was heavy. The reward was too sweet to linger on any unpleasantness, and my mouth’s foam increased as I thought on the sweet dinner I’d have.


I love Zombies<3


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